Amazing Monkey King iPhone Game Review This Game is Bananas 2024

Amazing Monkey King is an iPhone game developed by Team Refly. With 105 stages and 7 bosses, this game blends defense/strategy with fighting to create a fun, addictive title.

The story in Amazing Monkey King is a little bit bananas, but in a good way. When a magical monkey is born on a hillside and becomes slot qris bored with life, he decides to learn the Taoist arts.

The Monkey King becomes conceited with all his fancy book learnin’, Buddha imprisons him for a while. Later, after being freed, Monkey King goes on an epic journey, fighting enemies along the way.

You can play on three different levels of difficulty: Normal, Hard, and the soul-shatteringly awesome “Hardcore.” You can also play the game in “scenario” (story) mode, or in “Infinite Mode.” Other fun modes include Sky Mode, Boss Mode, and Rescue Mode.

In Amazing Monkey King, you must battle an endless succession of dastardly foes. You have your own magic at your disposal, and you can also summon your monkey allies to help you defend yourself. The game feels like tower defense, but in a side-scrolling wujud.

Now on Version 2.0, the current iteration of Amazing Monkey King offers the aforementioned Infinite Mode, a timed attack mode, and a handful of new items to keep things fresh.

With great music, a simple panduan, and a variety of game modes to master, Amazing Monkey King is an addictive little title. The graphics are really awesome, and the game feels quite lush compared to other games in this genre.

Overall, this game will appeal to fans of Asian-influenced games, tower defense titles, and fighting games. With plenty of mythology and story thrown in, this fun game is quite addictive.


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