The Most Popular iPhone Games to Play Right Now

  1. My Coloring Book
    For those who enjoy coloring, My Coloring Book is a great addition to your app library. Featuring a variety of colors and over 350 hand-drawn pictures to fill in, it\\’s sure to keep you busy. It works on both iPhone and iPad and you can easily save your creations right to your Photos library to share.
  2. Monopoly Go!
    Everyone’s favorite board game Monopoly is available to play on the Apple iPhone with Monopoly Go!. It features the same gameplay as the original, but faster, wilder, and more ruthless. Play with your friends and family from around the world, while the object of the game is to buy property, build houses and hotels, collect Monopoly Money, bankrupt everyone, and destroy their properties.
  3. Royal Match
    Royal Match is a match-three puzzle game where you help King Robert restore his kingdom back to glory. The more you match, the more levels you complete, and the more you restore the kingdom. Meanwhile, you can unlock bonus levels and rooms to collect coins to stay alive.
  4. Block Blast
    Puzzle games are always great to have in your joker123 gaming collection of mobile games, and Block Blast is a must. All it requires of you is to drag and drop blocks onto the board to try and clear out a row or column once it\\’s filled. You can build up additional points by performing combos as well.
  5. My Perfect Hotel
    Have you ever dreamed of owning and operating your own hotel? My Perfect Hotel will help you bring that dream to life. This is a time-management game where you\\’ll work as a hotel manager to build your hotel from the ground up and maintain a successful business.
  6. Whiteout Survival
    Whiteout Survival is a survival strategy game that takes place in a snowy apocalypse. You play as a leader of one of the last citys standing who\\’s tasked with assigning jobs to survivors (hunting, cooking, and more), finding resources, and fighting to survive against enemies in the icy wilds.
  7. Fruit Merge: Watermelon Puzzle
    Fruit Merge: Watermelon Puzzle is an adorable puzzle game that tasks you with merging various fruits together – such as melons, pineapples, apples, and more – within a box. However, they can\\’t cross the top line, so you\\’ll need to find the best ways to squeeze them all in together, with the ultimate goal of fitting in the watermelon.
  8. Roblox
    Immerse yourself in an entirely virtual experience in Roblox, a cross platform game that’s available on Apple iOS, Android, Windows, and Xbox. The app is part-gaming and part-social media where you can play games, create your own game, or just chat with friends from all around the world with thousands of experiences—think of it as Club Penguin, but for Gen Z.


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