Why You Should Love Captain America

There are several reasons why you should love Captain America. Steve Rogers is not just an American icon who wears a tight cheesy sweatshirt. He is the man who believes in what it is right and fights. This is why he and Iron Man Tony Stark agree to disagree many times. Cap believes that every person has the liberty to fight in life and the pursuit of happiness. It is no longer a surprise that many kids these days want to have Captain America backpack as they go to school and be proud of themselves.

He Is Special
• He is always special even back then when he was skinny and sickly. He is a true hero even though he looked like a zero back then. There was a time where he even uses his body to cover a grenade which is apparently just a decoy. He was already intelligent and brave enough.
• Remember when he pulled the screws from the pole? That’s right, no one figured that one but he did. He started as a nice person who always wants to serve his country but rejected several times because of being skinny. Thank goodness Tony’s dad develops something in order to make him a super soldier.
From Zero To Hero
• He grew up during the great depression and constantly sick and unhealthy. Moreover, there are lots of dudes who bullied him. His only buddy which will be later on the Marvel’s storyline the “winter soldier” is the only one who supports him during those days.
Love Him Or Love Him
• You will surely love this guy especially when Marvel Studio chose Chris Evans to play the Capt. America role. He doesn’t have the technology like Iron Man does, muscles like the Incredible Hulk or a Divine weapon like Thor’s hammer but, he has his iconic shield with the American symbol.

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