What Should You Expect Out of the Medical Billing Process?

The process of medical insurance billing involves an interaction between the insurance company or payer and the healthcare provider. There are certain diseases and treatments that are covered and certain diseases and treatments that aren’t covered. This interaction between them is known as the Revenue Cycle Management or Billing Cycle. This involves managing billing, payment, and claims properly. The Medical Billing process is a lot more complex that it should be because it involves loads of reimbursements, discounts, insurance policy coverage, exceptions, disclaimers, denials, approvals, and so forth that a doctor or hospital would rather not deal with. That’s where the medical biller comes in. Most doctors would rather concentrate on treatment then let the biller deal with the billing so as to determine which claims will be paid by the insurer and which ones will fall on the lap of the patient.


 What’s the Deal with Medical Billing and Obamacare?

 On top of dealing with insurance companies, healthcare billers have to take Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act into consideration too. The big difference to Obamacare and other Universal Healthcare programs in other countries is that the latter has people willing to pay higher taxes for it. However, with Obamacare, instead of everyone paying for higher taxes, government expects the rich to shoulder most of the burden. Obamacare is controversial for this reason.

  • That is to be expected of a country that gained its independence after the Boston Tea Party came to be because they don’t want to be taxed excessively by the British. Going up against authority and wanting the rule of the people above all else is what America is all about. They elect officials in light of their ability to lower taxes instead of burden people with more taxes.

  • Meanwhile, the 1% will tend to go elsewhere when burdened by taxes to pay for social programs like healthcare for those who can’t pay for it. Even without Obamacare in the picture, doing medical billing between insurance companies and doctors is a complex thing that requires a specialist to handle so that the doctor and the insurer aren’t burdened about running after claims or dealing with claim denials.


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